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"Doreen Repsher, owner of Green Harvest Food Emporium in the Eastonian Condominiums, uses recycled or rapidly renewable resources throughout the deli."


From the Express-Times:
"A new deli/market called the Green Harvest Food Emporium in the Eastonian Condominiums, which itself is a reuse of an old hotel at 140 Northampton St. in Easton, is definitely green.

Owner Doreen Repsher used recycled items and fixtures made from rapidly renewable resources throughout the deli. Read more about it here or keep reading this entry for tips on how you can live a "greener" lifestyle.

Cedar Crest College's Dr. John Cigliano, director of the Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Program, has compiled some easy tips that can help you conserve energy and be Earth-friendly.

Buy local and organic produce. A lot of carbon is released from transporting food. The average food item we eat travels 1,500 miles before it reaches our tables. Furthermore, industrialized farming techniques release methane (an even more devastating greenhouse gas), use petroleum-based pesticides and are highly mechanized, meaning they burn a lot of fossil fuels."


From resellen.com:
"Doreen Repsher wanted to stick with the Green theme, when she opened her fabulous new gourmet food emporium here in the EASTONIAN @ 140 Northampton Street...'Green' serves a double entendre for plenty of green fresh locally-grown veggies on sale and for the recycled materials she used to decorate her gourment deli - including green recycled traffic lights that illuminate the counter and cases filled with healthy delectable goodies. I had a 'spicy buffalo shrimp' wrap for lunch today.. it was spectacular! The menu features interesting sandwiches & salads that leave you wanting to come back
to try more.

Out of the gate, Green Harvest Food Emporium is serving Mon. - Wens.: 10-7, Thurs. and Fri.: 10-8, Saturday: 8-6, Closed Sunday. The menu is seasonal and this fall they are planning to expand with delivery & catering services... Munch on really delicious foods, while feeling enviro-friendly - note the gorgeous bamboo floors, the cement counter w/ recycled glass in it (ice stone), the potatoe starch utensils that disintegrate in 6 mos. in landfills, and the corn-based & recycled paper products & napkins.
Feel good - Eat good!!"



What's New:
Catering now available for all your holiday and special events.

Specialty cookies available by the pound

Special order pies available.





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